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PRGA’s experience in Software and Firmware development is substantial. We have worked on virtually every operating system and microprocessor across the industries. Our reputation for building Robust, Efficient, and Maintainable code is first class. Clients like you have relied on our history to understand how software development got to this point, where it stands today, and what we need to do next to make your project a success.

When you hire one of our Engineers, you get the collective experiences and expertise of our entire staff for systems, software, and hardware engineering.

Organe/Blue graphic with alpha numeric and binary code

Blue Orange graphic of circuit board with micro chips


PRGA has an extensive background in digital and analog electronic design.

We have designed stand-alone embedded systems, components for larger complex systems, and fully integrated automated test systems. We also have many years of experience laying out and routing complex printed circuit boards.

We can provide you with fast turn-around on your prototypes, making it quicker and easier for you to get your idea into the market.

We pay careful attention to your requirements and design the simplest solution that meets all of your needs.


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